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Tags: Era_1970s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Experimental, Genre_Industrial, Origin_Australia, Type_Artist

SPK was an Australian industrial music and noise music group formed 1978 in Sydney by mainstay Graeme Revell on keyboards and percussion, and Neil Hill on vocals and tapes. The two met as psychiatric nurses and both were attracted to the music of Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!, Faust and John Cage. In 1980 the group travelled to the UK where they released their debut album Information Overload Unit. The band lineup grew with the addition of ex-pat's Dan Rumour (guitar) and David Virgin (bass), plus UK based Brian Williams aka Lustmord, Dominik Guerin (Synths) and Sinan Leong (vocals). In 1984 Neil Hill committed suicide and Revell and Leong returned to Australia, where they added Karina Hayes on vocals and continued as a trio. SPK's music is described as disturbing and psychologically disorienting, they were at the forefront of the post-punk, industrial movement of the late 1970s, Outstanding albums include Information Overload Unit, Leichenschrei, Machine Age Voodoo, Zamia Lehmanni: Songs of Byzantine Flowers, Mekano / Contakt / Slogun (EP) and the compilation Auto-da-fé. SPK disbanded in 1988 and Graeme Revell went on to become a leading composer of Hollywood movie soundtracks.

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