Steve Kilbey | Artist

Steve Kilbey | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Genre_Psych, Origin_Australia, Type_Artist

Steven Kilbey is an Australian singer-songwriter and bass guitarist born 1954 in Welwyn Garden City, UK. Kilbey was 5 years old when his family moved from the UK to Australia. Best know as the singer and bassist for The Church, Kilby also has a prolific solo career as well as being a music producer, composer, poet and painter. As of October 2014, Kilbey had 750 original songs registered with Australian copyright agency Australasian Performing Rights Association. As a soloist Kilbey has released 19 studio albums which are are generally more experimental than his work with The Church, incorporating elements of electronic and avant-garde to acoustic and symphonic styles, as well as his familiar psych-tinged rock sound. Kilbey has also worked in collaborative projects with Martin Kennedy, Refo:mation, Curious (Yellow), Hex, and with his brother Russell Kilbey who was formerly with The Crystal Set. Outstanding solo albums include Unearthed, The Slow Crack, Acoustic & Intimate, Pain Killer and Miscellanaea: Whispers in the Static. In 2011 Steve Kilbey was inducted into the Australian Songwriters Hall of Fame.

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