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The Clean | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Indie, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_New_Zealand, Type_Artist

The Clean are a New Zealand indie rock band formed 1978 in Dunedin by David Kilgour (guitar), Hamish Kilgour (drums), and Peter Gutteridge (bass). Robert Scott (bass) replaced Peter Gutteridge in 1981. The Clean have been described as the most influential band to come from the Flying Nun label, whose repertoire included many major components of the "Dunedin sound". Their sound was built around David Kilgour’s off-centre, 1960s-influenced guitar, Hamish’s motorik drumming, and melodic driving bass. The band's 1981 debut single "Tally Ho!" was the second release on Roger Shepherd's Flying Nun Records label. "Tally Ho!" reached number 19 on the New Zealand Singles Charts, giving the fledgling label its first hit. All three band members have active side-projects and solo careers, resulting in The Clean's very meagre recording output of only Six studio albums, two live albums, Eight EPs and Three Singles over its 40 plus year lifespan. Standout releases include the albums Oddities, Vehicle, Modern Rock and Getaway, plus their excellent debut EP Boodle Boodle Boodle. The compilations Compilation (1986) and Anthology (2003) are both excellent collections of Singles and selected album tracks. Outside of his work with The Clean, David Kilgour has released a dozed solo and collaboration albums plus he works in side project bands The Great Unwashed, The Jessels, The Pop Art Toasters, Stephen and Snapper. Hamish Kilgour was with Bailter Space for Five years, and Robert Scott works with The Bats, Electric Blood, and The Magick Heads. The Clean continues to perform periodically and release records on US and New Zealand labels—their most recent album being Mister Pop in 2009—and they toured the US as recently as 2012 and 2014.

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