The Crawdaddys | Artist

The Crawdaddys | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

The Crawdaddys was an American garage rock group formed 1977 in San Diego, California, by singer Ron Silva, bassist Mark Zadarnowski, guitarist Steve Potterf, and drummer Dan McLain. The band was inspired by British rhythm-and-blues groups of the early 1960s such as the Pretty Things and Rolling Stones. Musically they stay as close as possible to the sound of their influences and that shows in everything from the cover art through to the recordings, which sound like they're straight off the Nuggets compilation. They released two excellent studio albums on Voxx Records Crawdaddy Express and Here 'Tis. Also excellent are the two compilations Still Steamin' and Mystic Crawdaddys which collect their various singles and unreleased material.

Artist Website: discogs/The-Crawdaddys

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