The Creation | We Are Paintermen | Album-Vinyl

The Creation | We Are Paintermen | Album

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The Creation "We Are Paintermen" (1967)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Numero Group, US, 2018, 1272, 825764607247, 180g Pink Vinyl, Reissue

We Are Paintermen is the sole album by mod/psyche rockers The Creation, originally released in 1967. This album, produced by the legendary Shel Talmy is the only album recorded by The Creation before they imploded after only two years. Originally issued only in Germany, We Are Paintermen collects the band's first three singles and adds a handful of period covers culled from the band's raucous stage show. The Creation features the young Ron Wood, before he went on to play with Jeff Beck, The Faces, and the Rolling Stones. This album sounds like a refinement of the early Kinks (1964-1965). It has a fun, loose energy, yet at the same time the musicianship is tighter and more consistent than early Kinks and Who. An early '60s classic.

Artist Website: wikipedia/The_Creation_(band)

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