The Exploding Hearts | Guitar Romantic | Album

The Exploding Hearts | Guitar Romantic | Album

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The Exploding Hearts "Guitar Romantic" (2003)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Dirtnap Records, US, 2009, ZZZ-29, 821970002913, Reissue

Guitar Romantic is the one and only album from American garage-rock outfit The Exploding Hearts, originally released in 2003. One of the most exciting and promising young bands to hit the scene in a generation, the Exploding Hearts literally came and went in a flash. The band released its excellent debut album, Guitar Romantic, in early 2003, the disc showcasing a brilliant mix of 1960s-styled garage rock and vintage ‘70s power-pop, influenced by ‘80s-era punk and UK rock. Guitar Romantic was well-received by both critics and the ever-critical punk community, and the Exploding Hearts became a big draw on the west coast club circuit. In July 2003, however, fate struck in the form of tragic accident that took the lives of band members Adam Cox, Matt Fitzgerald, and Jeremy Gage. Guitar Romantic the album continues to impress two decades on, with it's mix of Undertones and Buzzcock-like punk coupled with touches of more recent garage revival akin to the Strokes.

Artist Website: wikipedia/The_Exploding_Hearts

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