The Future Sound of London | Artist

The Future Sound of London | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Ambient, Genre_EDM, Genre_Electronic, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

The Future Sound of London (FSOL) is a British electronic music group formed 1988 in Manchester, UK, by Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans. The duo create electronic music which blends experimentation, ambient, techno and IDM. They met while studying electronics at university in Manchester and the pair began working together in local clubs. In 1991 they released their debut album, Accelerator which was followed by the single "Papua New Guinea", featuring a looping Lisa Gerrard vocal sample from Dead Can Dance. On the strength of that work they were signed by Virgin Records. Very prodigious in the studio, the band released Twenty Five studio albums between 1991-2002 plus many singles and DJ mixes. The duo also releases their more psychedelic oriented work under the name Amorphous Androgynous. Outstanding FSOL albums include Accelerator, Lifeforms, Dead Cities, From the Archives Vol.1, From the Archives Vol.9, ISDN (live) and the excellent compilation Teachings From the Electronic Brain (The Best of FSOL).

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