The Jean Paul Sartre Experience | Artist

The Jean Paul Sartre Experience | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Genre_Indie, Origin_New_Zealand, Type_Artist

The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience was a New Zealand indie rock band formed 1984 by Dave Yetton (vocals, bass guitar), Gary Sullivan (drums), and Dave Mulcahy (guitar). They were later joined by a second vocalist and guitarist, Jim Laing. After getting early airplay on student radio stations, the band was signed by Flying Nun, who issued their eponymous début EP in January 1987, and debut album Love Songs the same year. As the band developed, their signature sound took a noisier approach than their earlier recordings, drawing comparisons with Pixies and My Bloody Valentine. In total the band released only three studio albums, one EP and several great singles. Two excellent compilation albums; The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience (1994) and I Like Rain: The Story of the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience (2015), give a comprehensive coverage of their best work. From 1990 the band was forced to rename themselves 'JPS Experience' after a lawsuit by the estate of Jean-Paul Sartre. After the demise of JPS Experience in 1994, David Yetton recorded two albums with The Stereo Bus and one solo album, as well as playing with The Mutton Birds. James Laing released one solo album and Gary Sullivan performed on the first Stereo Bus album and on early releases by the band Dimmer.

Artist Website: wikipedia/Jean-Paul_Sartre_Experience

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