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The Stone Roses "The Stone Roses" (1989)

LP (NEW) - Silvertone Records, Europe, 2014, 88843041991, Reissue

The Stone Roses is self-titled debut album from the Manchester rockers, originally released in 1989 on Silvertone. Hailed as the album of a generation, the record is a masterpiece in grooves and moods, synthesising the sounds of contemporaries like New Order, The Chameleons and Jesus and Mary Chain, to create their own unmistakable sound. Released at the height of the Madchester movement, the album soundtracked a moment in English history unlike any of its contemporaries and holds a special place in the hearts of those who remember it’s release. The album took The Stone Roses from clubs to sold-out headlining shows, and now stadiums as they continue to tour on and off. The band would release a follow-up in 1994, but this remains the centrepiece of the band's reputation and is a landmark rock record for those lucky enough to know about it.

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