The Tear Garden | Artist

The Tear Garden | Artist

Tags: Era_1980s, Gender_Male, Genre_Electronic, Genre_Psych, Origin_Canada, Type_Artist

The Tear Garden is a Canadian psychedelic/experimental/electronic band, formed 1985 in Vancouver by Edward Ka-Spel (vocals, keyboards, electronics) of The Legendary Pink Dots and cEvin Key (electronics, keyboards, drums, percussion, tapes) of Skinny Puppy. The duo formed after Key served as a sound engineer on tour in Canada for Ka-Spel. An EP The Tear Garden, was released that same year. Their debut album Tired Eyes Slowly Burning was released in 1987, featuring contributions from Skinny Puppy members Dwayne Goettel (keyboards), Nivek Ogre (vocals, keyboards, guitar, percussion, electronics) and Dave Ogilvie (production, engineering). The record featured a nearly 17 minute long track titled "You and Me and Rainbows", described by Allmusic's Sean Carruthers as "monolithic... but worth every second." The band has gone on to release nine studio albums to-date featuring their brand of psychedelic electro-industrial sounds. Standout albums include Tired Eyes Slowly Burning, The Last Man to Fly, To Be An Angel Blind, The Cripple Soul Divide, and Crystal Mass. Also highly recommended is the 2001 compilation For Those Who Would Walk With the Gods. The Tear Garden have never toured, which has limited their commercial potential. The only live performance of Tear Garden material by members of both Skinny Puppy and the Legendary Pink Dots was in 1988 at gigs in Leiden, Holland and Strasbourg, France, during Skinny Puppy's Head Trauma tour.

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