The Terminals | Artist

The Terminals | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Genre_Indie, Genre_Psych, Origin_New_Zealand, Type_Artist

The Terminals were a New Zealand alternative neo-psychedelic band formed 1986 in Christchurch by Stephen Cogle (vocals, guitar), Peter Stapleton (drums), Mick Elborado (organ, synthesizer, guitar, vocals), Ross Humphries (guitar, 1986-91), and Susan Heney (bass). John Chrisstoffels (bass, cello) replaced Henley in 1991 and Brian Crook (guitar, vocals) replaced Humphries in 1992. Signing to Flying Nun, the band's debut release was the Disconnect EP in 1988, followed by two albums, Uncoffined and Disease for the label. The band then moved to the Xpressway label for their third album, Little Things which followed in 1995. Eleven years later they released the excellent Last Days of the Sun (2007), and, after a further 10 year hiatus, released Antiseptic (2017) on the Ba Da Bing! label. Reviewing the albums today, the standouts are Uncoffined, Touch, Little Things and Last Days of the Sun. Also worthy of mention are the excellent compilations Cul-de-Sac (1992) which combines Uncoffined with the Disconnect EP, plus Singles and Sundries from 2014. Brian Cook has also released the excellent solo album Bathysphere in 2000.

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