The Triffids | Artist

The Triffids | Artist

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The Triffids were an Australian alternative rock band formed 1978 in Perth, Western Australia. After some early changes the core lineup was brothers David and Rob McComb, Alsy MacDonald, Martyn Casey and Jill Birt. The band's frontman Dave McComb was lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, keyboardist and principal songwriter. With limited opportunities in Perth, The Triffids relocated to London in 1984 and developed a strong following in the UK and Scandinavia. In 1985 they toured Europe supporting Echo & the Bunnymen, plus they played Glastonbury that year. In the two years 1986-87 the band recorded three superb studio albums: Born Sandy Devotional (1986), In the Pines (1986) and Calenture (1987). Other outstanding albums include Treeless Plain (1983), Live in Stockholm (1990), plus the compilations Love in Bright Landscapes (1986), Australian Melodrama (1994) and Wide Oped Road (2010). The Triffids disbanded in 1989 in London and Dave McComb went on to record one solo album and form new band The Blackeyed Susans, which continues to play to this day. David McComb died in 1999 several years after undergoing a heart transplant. Music historian Ian McFarlane wrote of the band "The Triffids remain one of Australia's best-loved, post-punk groups. McComb was an authoritative singer and accomplished songwriter, he infused his melancholy songs with stark yet beautiful and uniquely Australian imagery." McComb's songs also drew heavily on the stark desolation of his rural upbringing, incorporating elements of country and blues to paint haunting portraits of isolation and longing. David McComb suffered substance abuse-related health problems, which ultimately resulted in him undergoing a heart transplant in 1996. Despite the transplant procedure he embarked on a university course and his prolific output of songs continued. Ill health limited live performances but writing, arranging and other literary projects continued at a furious pace. Following a car accident in Melbourne he died at home, on 2 February 1999, a few days short of his 37th birthday. The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) recognised The Triffids' importance in 2008 by inducting them into the Hall of Fame.

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