The Way we Live | A Candle For Judith | Album-Vinyl

The Way we Live | A Candle For Judith | Album

Tags: Era_1960s, Gender_Male, Genre_Psych, Origin_UK, Type_Album

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The Way We Live "A Candle For Judith" (1971)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Ozit-Morpheus Records, UK, 2018, OZIT LP 8001, 180g Orange Vinyl, Limited Edition (360), Individually Hand Numbered, Gatefold Sleeve

A Candle For Judith is the sole album by UK psych-rock band The Way We Live, originally released in 1971 on John Peel's Dandelion Records label. This is a rare and much sought after UK psych album. The band, from Rochdale Lancashire, changed their name to Tractor in 1972 and released another self-titled classic psych album that same year. The Eight tracks of A Candle For Judith find the band drifting across the musical spectrum, sometimes heavy, the opening "King Dick II" sounds almost Sabbath-like, sometimes folky, but never less than fascinating. Although the closing "The Way Ahead" could be allied with certain passages in Pink Floyd's "Echoes," there is no space rock, or distorted blues in sight here, just a series of ambitiously complex and supremely melodic numbers that marked The Way We Live as one of the most remarkable bands of the early-'70s era.

Artist Website: wikipedia/Tractor_(band)

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