The Web | I Spider | Album-Vinyl

The Web | I Spider | Album

Tags: Era_1970s, Gender_Male, Genre_Jazz, Genre_Prog, Origin_UK, Type_Album

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Web "i spider" (1970)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Esoteric Recordings, UK, 2019, ECLECLP 2027, 5013929472716, 180g Vinyl, Remastered, Gatefold Sleeve

I Spider is the third studio album from English Prog-Jazz group The Web, originally released in 1970. Musically it seems strangely ahead of it's time with tracks like "You Can Keep The Good Life", sounding like some kind of no wave or post punk track from 1978. The dissonant and repetitive piano chords, thundering behind Lawson' equally dissonant "punky" vocal performance creates a certain kind of tension, that again maybe only Van Der Graaf could have pulled off back then. "Love You" has this monster sax and organ riff, that is unlike anything that was around at the time. And also with the fat fuzzed out guitar chords behind it. It's just very intense. The music is quite clearly rooted in jazz harmonics, but the approach is unlike any other jazz rock that was flourishing at the time. All in all a really great album. Of all the obscure progressive rock records from this time, this a very essential one indeed.

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