Trouble | Artist

Trouble | Artist

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Trouble is an American doom metal band formed 1979 in Aurora, Illinois, by Bruce Franklin (guitar), Rick Wartell (guitar), Eric Wagner (vocals), Jeff Olson (drums) and Tim "Ian" Brown (bass). They are often considered one of the pioneers of doom metal, and have been referred to as one of the genre's "big four" alongside Candlemass, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. The band created a distinct style, taking influences of the British heavy metal bands Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, and psychedelic rock of the 1970s. The band could best be described as combining the riffs and tempos of Black Sabbath with the twin guitar attack of Judas Priest. Trouble's first two albums, Psalm 9 (1984) and The Skull (1985), are cited as landmarks of doom metal. Other standout releases include the albums Trouble (1990) and Manic Frustration (1992), plus the live albums Black Shapes of Doom (2011) and Live in Stockholm (2022). Trouble albums, such as their debut Psalm 9 are known for biblical references. Because such themes were relatively uncommon in mainstream metal music of the 1980s, Trouble were then often classified as Christian Metal or White Metal, as opposed to Black Metal. Eric Wagner has released several solo albums plus he is a member of the band Blackfinger. Also Bruce Franklin and Jeff Olson teamed with King's X vocalist & bassist Dug Pinnick in the band Supershine which released one excellent self-titled album in 2000.

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