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TT | LoveLaws | Album

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TT "Lovelaws" (2018)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Caroline International, Europe, 2018, LL001LP, 602567248569, First Issue, Rose Coloured Vinyl, Gatefold Sleeve, Incl. Digital Download

Lovelaws is the debut solo debut by Theresa Wayman, guitarist and vocalist for LA neo-psyche band Warpaint, under her solo moniker 'TT'. The album reveals the slippery, shimmering quality of her songwriting on subjects such as motherhood, isolation and romances disrupted by the rhythms of touring. "I’ve Been Fine" turns a plea – 'Why can’t you be next to me?' – into an incantation designed to summon bodies, to raise feelings from the ashes of a burnt-out relationship. Her talents won’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with her band, but laid bare like this, her imagination is startling and singular. Wayman’s voice is so measured and controlled that it’s almost eerie, all the more so when the track shatters into fractured, dystopian confusion. "Tutorial" is a submerged, watery trip-hop mystery: 'It’s like you know my secret,' she offers, without telling. "Dram" is humid and physical, the sound of skin on skin. A slow-burn guitar solo is disguised by a rustling and rattling that hangs thick in the air. "Safe" crackles and steams, and when Wayman sings 'Baby, you’re so safe,' it is categorically an insult. LoveLaws is co-produced with Wayman’s brother Ivan, Dan Carey and Money Mark (Beastie Boys), and made with help from her Warpaint bandmates, but it’s an unsettling, unexpected testimony to Wayman's developing artistry.

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