Tully | Sea of Joy (Soundtrack) | Album-Vinyl

Tully | Sea of Joy (Soundtrack) | Album

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Tully "Sea of Joy" (1972)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Anthology Recordings, US, 2016, ARC 040, Reissue, Incl. Booklet Insert, Digital Download

Sea of Joy is the Second studio album by Australian psych pioneers Tully, originally released in 1971 on the Harvest label. Sea of Joy was composed as the soundtrack to the Paul Witzig directed surfing movie of the same name. The dreamy soft psyche music features a broad palette of instruments including flute, clarinet, gong, gamelan and sitar, intertwined with the core guitar, bass and percussion soundstage. The sound evokes surf and sun but with overtones of Balinese music, which was an important element in Australian surf and counter-culture in the late '60s. The concept of a soundtrack helped the band explore new territories outside their ordinary fields and they really shine with jazzy and pre-New Age touches among the standard psychedelic and folky moods. Michael Carlos and Richard Lockwood appear to be the main leading instrumentalists, providing dreamy organ and atmospheric synth lines and a great, flexible use of flute, sax and clarinet in ethereal and imaginative soundscapes. A truly atmospheric album.

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