Various Artists | Dunedin Double (Comp.) | Album-Vinyl

Various Artists | Dunedin Double (Comp.) | Album

Tags: Era_1980s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Indie, Origin_New_Zealand, Type_Album

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Dunedin Double (DUN-1) is the legendary first release by influential New Zealand indie label Flying Nun Records. This double 12" EP set released in 1982 kicked off what was to become known as the "Dunedin Sound". Of the four bands represented, The Chills, The Verlaines and Sneaky Feelings would go on to enjoy considerable success as indie bands. Though the sound quality of the Dunedin Double EP was distinctly lo-fi (it was recorded on portable 4-track by Chrix Knox and Doug Hood), the release of this record provided a major impetus both for Flying Nun records and for the four bands involved, as well as providing inspiration and momentum to the music scene in Dunedin.

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