Yoko Ono | Artist

Yoko Ono | Artist

Tags: Era_1970s, Gender_Female, Genre_Experimental, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_Japan, Type_Artist

Yoko Ono is a Japanese-American multimedia and performance artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist born 1933 in Tokyo. She was married to English singer-songwriter John Lennon of the Beatles from 1969 until his murder in 1980. Lennon and Ono collaborated on a wide variety of works by The Plastic Ono Band, as well as John Lennon and Yoko Ono solo projects. After Lennon's passing Ono has continued her successful musical career working solo and in collaboration with artists such as Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and John Zorn. Ono was born into a wealthy family, her father was a banker and former classical pianist. Ono started piano lessons when she was four years old. After WWII Ono's family resettled in Scarsdale New York and Yoko began immersing herself in the New York art and avant-garde music scene, where one of her mentors was John Cage. Ono came into contact with The Beatles through her association with the Dadaist avant-garde artist association Fluxus. She first met Paul McCartney but soonafter met John Lennon and the two were married in late 1969. Musically, much of Yoko's best early work was was done with The Plastic Ono Band and her collaborations with John Lennon. To-date she has released 26 solo and collaboration albums. Standouts include Fly (1971), Approximately Infinite Universe (1971), Rising (1996), Yes I'm a Witch (2007) and Between my Head and the Sky (2009). The 1997 archival collection A Story is also recommended. Outside art and music, Ono has been a fervent activist for peace and human rights since the 1960s.

Artist Website: imaginepeace.com

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