Young Flowers | Artist

Young Flowers | Artist

Tags: Era_1960s, Genre_Pop_Rock, Genre_Psych, Origin_Denmark, Type_Artist

Young Flowers was a Danish psychedelic rock band formed 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Peter Ingemann (bass, vocals), Jens Dahl (guitar) and Ken Gudman (drums). Dahl and Gudman came from an earlier band The Defenders. Dahl left the band before their first recording and was replaced by guitarist Peer Frost. They were a blues-based power trio whose music was heavily influenced by Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and were one of the first psychedelic bands to emerge in Denmark during the 1960s. The group gained in popularity from its appearances on the Thomas Windings TV series, using Danish lyrics in a rock music context. The music for the TV series was released in 1968 as the group's first album The Flower Gun. In 1969 they provided music for Jens Jørgen Thorsen's cult sex-romp film "Quiet Days in Clichy", based on the Henry Miller autobiography, which also featured the music of Country Joe McDonald. The group split in 1970 but came together again in 2012. They released four excellent albums: Blomsterpistolen, No. 2, DR Sessions and Live 1969. The 2018 archival collection On Air is also recommended.

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