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A perfect reminder of just what made the Stones great.

After 50 years, this live release shows the band on the lead up to their studio creative peak of Sticky/Exile run in 71/72. Performing live at Madison Square Garden in 1969, 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!' presents the Stones as raw and unhinged as they blast their way through 48 minutes of classics with material from the then new 'Let It Bleed', alongside their landmark hits.

Their signature brand of guitar-driven blues is preserved and presented with this excellent remaster, and shows them warts and all with their human imperfections, much alike to the charm of Exile that would be released two years later.

We feel Ya Ya's isn't discussed as much as it should be in the stones canon. With no other significant live recordings from their peak, Ya-Ya's is the only clear and consistent recording of one of rock's greatest bands performing during their creative high.

It's also a great listen, for fans and strangers alike. The energy and musicianship on display remind one just what took the Stones to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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