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'Birds of Fire' is a cornerstone of Jazz fusion and remains one of the most exciting exercises in music to date.

We feel lucky to have scored pressings of this one. 'Birds of Fire' is as visceral as it is technical, and serves an adrenaline-fuelled trip between the worlds of eastern spirituality, Jazz and rock instrumentation. By this point, John McLaughlin had not only debuted his work 'Extrapolation' (1969) but also cemented himself into Jazz history by providing guitar on the other pioneering fusion releases from Miles Davis 'In A Silent Way' (1969) and 'Bitches Brew' (1970). McLaughlin then formed the Mahavishnu Orchestra and released their debut 'The Inner Mounting Flame' in 1971. All of this was achieved within two years.

The album also sees the Mahavishnu Orchestra merge with John McLaughlin in the title. The title track/opener expands on the formulas established but taken to greater extremes of speed and intensity. Billy Cobham's drumming and Jerry Goodman's violin provide the perfect tempo to set the stage for this proto-thrash metal odyssey which melds psychedelia with instrumental finesse reserved for legends, which is exactly the status the album deserves. The album's centrepiece, 'One Word', is the pinnacle of musicianship and innovation that elevates this opus to it's classic status.

'Birds of Fire' marks the official assembly of the best Jazz Fusion lineup of the last 50+ years, and is essential listening for all.

'Birds of Fire', 'The Inner Mounting Flame', 'The 4th Dimension: Live in San Francisco', 'In A Silent Way' and 'Bitches Brew' are all available now in the store.

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