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An easy pick to mark the closing chapter of one of Australia's best bands. The 1978 debut from Midnight Oil shows the origins of what would go on to become a monumental movement of politics and rock music that would set the tone for artists for decades to come.

It all begins here. From the opening notes of 'Powderworks' to the driving rhythm of 'Run By Night' and the expansive closer 'Nothing Lost-Nothing Gained', the groundwork for Midnight Oil is all here. It's safe to say that the sounds presented on 'Run By Night' is what would drive the sound of 'Head Injuries', 'Place Without a Postcard' and the underrated 'Bird Noises' (EP).

Channelling the Skyhooks and Master's Apprentice, the band would use the hybrid of sounds and uniquely Australian culture to drive their success in the countless pub shows and create the momentum to drive their eventual arena shows with the release of '10-1'.

With the band announcing their final album 'Resist' and the subsequent last tour commencing Autumn next year, it is a perfect time to reflect on the beginnings of one of the best Australian bands to ever do it. The arc of influence, politics and success the band have achieved over their 45-year career stands unrivalled, from influencing U2 and Rage Against the Machine to making massive political statements from the Exxon Mobil protest to the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympics, it is all too much to sum up in one post.

For now, the debut is the perfect place to reflect on the Oils, and prepare for the last goodbye next year.

'Midnight Oil' is available in the Store now.

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