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This month's proud feature album is the legendary 'Beggar's Banquet'.

We could easily give 'Let It Bleed', 'Sticky Fingers' or 'Exile On Main St.' the same treatment, but their sounds all start on BB. The looser takes on the songs with the worldly rhythms and washed-out guitar boast the origins of the band's signature sound.

Beyond the opener, the balladry of 'No Expectations' or the roughneck 'Street Fighting Man' shows the versatility of future Stones albums as BB comes complete with all the makings of an essential rock release. It's a departure into jangle-blues production and writing that shows how far the band had come from the relatively cleaner albums and singles on 'Aftermath' and prior.

Richard's guitar comes into its own with Jagger beginning to drawl, while Charlie Watts perfectly accompanies the two spearheads alongside the grooves of Bill Wyman driving the rest. We'd safely say it is the first essential Stones album.

This is the place to start for one of the best band's of all time.

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