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The subversive brilliance of Animal Collective continues to reveal itself on their seminal 'Merriweather Post Pavillion' 12 years on from its release.

From our previous feature of the live incarnation of this gem ('Ballet Slippers'), our adoration for the recorded material should be no secret. But with it finally being issued its long-overdue repress, we have a perfect excuse to revisit this masterpiece.

It's all been said before. The album is coveted for a reason. 'Also Frightened' concaved insecurity over waterfalls of blinding samples contrast the poignant, bouncing 'Lion In A Coma', and of course, the sincere closing anthem of 'Brother Sport' is the perfect conclusion to the trip in and out of Panda Bear and Avery Tears warbled musical minds. And little more needs to be said about 'My Girls', as it remains a cornerstone of both Animal Collective's music and the movement it embodies.

This is not to distract though from the quality of the overall discography, of which our other picks include 'Centipede Hz', 'Feels' and 'Strawberry Jam', which we believe tours the band in their peak in the late 2000s. The group remain active and continue to release material, with the latest being last year's 'Bridge to Quiet'.

This blending of psychedelia and electronica puts them in the vein of a Flying Lotus, but remain rooted in classic rock songwriting ala Pet Sounds. MPP is the sound of the envelope for both genres being pushed and is planted in both the present and the past, as all classic albums are.

'Merriweather Post Pavillion' and 'Ballet Slippers Live' available in the Store now.

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