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Anyone familiar with either of them would know exactly how this one goes down. It lives up to the expectation that these masters would deliver some serious beats and flows, and delivers in spades.

I think it’s fair to consider Earl Sweatshirt and the Alchemist both legends in their respective crafts. Earl has been releasing music for nearly 15 years and has played a pivotal part in the mainstreaming of the alternative rap style. Whilst the Alchemist has worked with everyone from the top to the bottom of the genre and produced masterpieces across the board.

Despite a difficult release via an NFT option and delay to streaming services, ‘Voir Dire’ remains a solid tape that hits the spot for Earl & Al alike. Smooth, soulful beats that ride effortlessly across vintage samples back Earl’s layered flows laced with politics, mental health, history and drugs. Clocking in at a hot 25 minutes, it comes and goes like a Sunday afternoon. It takes it easy, but never at the cost of its pace or quality.

The only feature on the record comes courtesy of MIKE on ’Sentry’. Earl has been calling out the man by name since 2019, and we highly recommend his 2023 effort, ‘Burning Desire’. Besides MIKE, it’s all Earl and Al hitting the nail on the head. Check out ‘All the Small Things’ for some 80’s style, Miami Vice style beats, or ‘Mac Deuce’ for that soul lick that’s almost as G-Funk as either of two has tried. ‘Vin Skully’ is perfect cruising music with its high-hats, and the closer ‘Free the Ruler’ for its excellent choir samples as the dynamic duo puts the cherry on top and closes the show.

You know what it is by now. 

Essential rap, and another gem in the king's crowns. 

‘Voir Dire’ and ‘Some Rap Songs’ are available in the Store now.

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