This exciting venture into fusion has shown another side of the contemporary Jazz giants and it is promising for both their legacy and future releases.

Channelling fusion greats like McLaughlin and Corea, the classic sounds of the 70s fusion movement are tastefully revised with the BBNG's signature production taking charge to deliver another instalment of forward-thinking brilliance.

‘Signal from the Noise’ sets the scene perfectly as the band departs from their trademark blend of rap/jazz (see BBNG III-IV), and moves at full speed towards prog. From there, ‘Talk Memory’ ebbs and flows with forty minutes of fusion brilliance.

Boasting input from Terrace Martin, Laraaij and guest production from Floating Points, ‘Talk Memory’ is a gem in the excellent catalogue of BBNG, and a fresh new direction in Jazz.

'Talk Memory' is available in the Store now.

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