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Battles are the bright amalgamation of all that makes rock exciting.

Battles have been experimenting and pushing the boundary for nearly two decades. The band consists of Ian Williams on guitar and synths and John Stanier on percussion. By the time they created the project, both had been in several bands each since the early '90s. Stanier was in The Mark of Cain and Helmet, and Williams was honing his experimentation in Don Caballero as well as Storm and Stress.

The creative output of the band has been a colourful melting pot of all these prior acts. This results in one ever-changing dynamic balancing high energy with technical prowess whilst never losing the sheer fun of it all. Four albums deep since 2007's 'Mirrored' and they have shown no signs of lacking in edge nor creativity. Each album is an instrumental wave of sound that challenges all listeners.

All this is best heard on 2011's 'Gloss Drop'. The album bounces from punk to art rock, to avant-garde and back, the concept of the sounds being one giant, pink, artificial mass is perfectly expressed through the album's incredible scope of sound and skill.

If you're looking for something new, we can't recommend these guys higher.

'Mirrored' and 'Gloss Drop' available now in the store.

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