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The growing momentum of one of the most innovative bands in rock is becoming increasingly harder to ignore. Black Country, New Road have released one of the boldest debuts of recent years by combining the unsettling sounds of early post-rock, with the orchestral euphoria and vocals of Arcade Fire. All this alongside the manic spoken word across the extensive six tracks, their debut is as memorable as it is now sentimental to us.

The beautiful choral sequences of ‘Track X’, to the indulgent rambling on ‘Science Fair’ show the excellent give-and-take of the record. The band are clearly capable of producing the sound of their influences, even improving on them, but refuse to conform to traditional rock tropes. This dynamic is what leads them to the cutting edge.

No stranger to the store by this point, the band have contributed to the Speedy Wunderground legacy through their recording of ‘Athens, France’ with Savage Gary on SW Year 4 compilation (2019). This places them among their innovative contemporaries Black Midi, Squid and Fontaines D.C. With the album released on Ninja Tune, and now planning to embark on a worldwide tour within the year, the band are bound to show off their live muscle as they have been with the limited concerts they’ve played thus far.

Until then, they remain one of the strongest contenders for the next wave of success for young innovators. BC, NR deserve your attention immediately and have one of the strongest albums of 2021.

‘For the First Time’ Available in Store Now

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