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At one moment spellbinding, and the next disorienting and abrasive, the Dirty Three have been exploring the glorious highs and tense lows of post-rock for decades.


With a minimal yet beautiful combination of interpretative drums, violin and warm guitar tunes, the band creates one of the best sounds of the genre. The trio, comprised of the three virtuosos, Warren Ellis, Jim White and Mick Turner, across the course of seven studio albums, including the self-titled debut, 1996’s 'Horse Stories' and 1998’s 'Ocean Songs', traverse orchestral moments of brilliance achieved through musicianship and chemistry that is unmatched.


The gentle tones of the guitar paired with swirling, vibrant violin whether plucked or strummed layer over the brilliant accompaniment of weaving snares and kicks enchant with an endless body of music that we are still processing all these years on.


Each member is a creative force in their own right. With White currently touring regional Australia with Ed Kuepper of the Saints and Mick playing with Melbourne songwriter McKisko as Mess Esque (see their brilliant EP). And Ellis has made a name for himself by working with Nick Cave on film scores (see 'Hell or High Water'), collaborative albums (‘Carnage’ is a standout for 2021) and with the Bad Seeds.


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