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This marks this new Euro-rock revival crossing the pond and with an impeccable swagger a that.

Geese are now arguably the signature new rock act of the USA with one fell swoop. '3D Country' has been described as Dad-rock, but that is a gross underwriting of the ability of the band’s ability to explore the tried sounds of rock (‘Let It Bleed’ with some Dire Straits for good measure). Geese have a layer of sophistication and plain-and-simple clever songwriting brilliance that elevates the material beyond a simple recreation of golden era 70’s and 80’s.

The proof is in the pudding. From the outset of ‘2122’ the band show their dramatic chops with that manic preacher delivery and Black Midi-style wall of sound that perfectly set the stage for an almost bi-polar record. The band’s instrumental finesses are heard on ‘Undoer’ as it works in the loud/soft dynamics with serious abrasive progressions (see the Chat Pile-like outro). But to balance it all out, Geese also know their way around a hook (e.g. ‘I See Myself’). If that’s not enough, there’s the wonky ‘Gravity Blues’ or the gentler ‘Domoto’.

Their previous album, ‘Projector’ (also in the Store) was a solid step, but this is a different kind of beast. It serves its title true, in that it adds a new perspective (or possibility) to the beaten tropes of a genre in need of a new life.

Essential rock listening and a contender for AOTY 2023.

‘3D Country’ is available in the Store now alongside ‘Projector’.

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