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Oneohtrix Point Never (OPN) is trailblazing into a new era of electronic experimentation.

Brooklyn born Daniel Lopatin has effectively handled each musical venture he's undertaken over the last decade with ease and originality to boot. Since signing to Warp Records in 2013, OPN's music has continued to expand and evolve, most significantly on the label debut 'R Plus Seven' (2013) and 'Garden of Delete' (2015). This is in addition to the plunderphonic ambient masterpiece that broke him through in 2011, 'Replica' which we regard as one of the modern landmarks in the genres the album fuses.

Beyond this, Lopatin has notably crossed the barrier into film scores with his ongoing partnership with the Safdie Brothers in their A24 features, 'Good Time' (2017) and 'Uncut Gems' (2019). Both projects merge the abrasive, gritty filmmaking with the accompanying harsh and dynamic sounds of OPN, uniquely pairing a relevant sonic style to both the scenes and the atmospheres. OPN has also collaborated with contemporary favourites FKA Twigs and The Weeknd (hear his incredible synth contributions on 'Save Your Tears').

This brings us to his latest effort, 'Magic Oneohtrix Point Never', which continues to show the merging and experimentation of the almost signature brand of electronica we can come to expect from both a star Warp signee and a clear master of the genre.

'Replica', 'R Plus Seven' and 'Garden of Delete' Available Now.

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