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With a unique blend of prog, folk and rock, the proclaimed 'black - humoured bard' continually shows himself as witty as he is musically gifted.

With a thoughtfully crafted pair of concept albums so unique and so thoughtful, the man has very much earned his critical acclaim. The contrasting timelines of 'Peasant' (2017) and '2020' (2019) shows his layered writing ability in contrasting contemporary class struggles and globalisation against medieval tales of adventure and poverty.

Up until this point, Dawson had already consistently been releasing material since 2007, with 2014's 'Nothing Important' marking a turning point in his music, and being an exceptional record as well.

In years to come, Richard Dawson will hopefully only continue to build recognition for his truly original and visionary works. There is no one currently blending humour, concept and musicianship quite like him, and we can't wait to hear more.

'Peasant', '2020' and 'Nothing Important' are available in the Store now.

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