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Sleaford Mods are as consistent as they are hyperbolic. Their high octane mix of minimal beats and cutting political/social critique show them to be one of the best acts to emerge from the 2010s, and now carry us into the new decade.

Since their excellent 'Austerity Dogs' (2013), the band have clawed their way into the hearts and minds of fans. Just see 'Key Markets' (2015) for the epitome of their earlier sonic pursuits, and now 2019's 'Eton Alive' for their branching into electronic elements.

Fresh off the back of an excellent Australian debut tour, the Mods have shown themselves to be a force to be reckoned with on an international stage. Jason Williamson's presence on both stage and record is one-of-a-kind and demands to be seen and heard.

The bands latest compilation of hits, b-sides and rarities 'All That Glue', is the perfect place to get on board with the Mods. It's an excellent start for newcomers and a treat for fans.

We can't recommend Sleaford Mods any higher at this point. They're a boundary-pushing group with immense amounts of cheek, wit and edge, and we can't wait to hear more.

'All That Glue' and 'Divide and Exit' Available in The Store Now.

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