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With one of the most unique comebacks of the last decade, Steve Earle has reincarnated his spark for another series of albums that take country music with new ideas and aesthetics.

2020's 'Ghosts of West Virginia' is an authentic and original album paying tribute and exploring the life of coal miners throughout the 20th century. Honest, cutting and catchy, it serves as a benchmark first reached on his commercial breakthrough and hit album, 'Copperhead Road', from which Steve has a lifetime of experience and success. It's signature twang paired with stories of John Henry and Black Lung make for a contemporary country gem.

Earle's pursuits of 15 years have all come with a specific aesthetic of artwork that is both psychedelic and informative. Albums such as 'Washington Square Serenade', 'So You Wanna Be An Outlaw?' and 'Terraplane' are all excellent benchmarks in pursuits and explorations of politics, people and music from an artist who has lived many lives.

Regardless of what you know or feel about Steve Earle, his career since 'Copperhead Road' has unfolded into a sprawl of creative, exciting country albums, with only the best to come.

Steve Earle classics and gems are available in the store now.

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