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The Comet is Coming is an incredible forward-thinking three-piece led by store favourite and new Jazz legend, Shabaka Hutchings. The act is centred around the fusion of live jazz instrumentation with electronic and rap influences, with goals to push the sonic boundaries of contemporary jazz, and reach new audiences with their blending of genres.

Currently signed to the landmark Impulse! records alongside Shabaka's other creative outings and others such as the incredible percussionist Ted Poor, the band has cemented their spot on the label across their two key releases, 2016's 'Channel the Spirits', and 2019's 'Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery'. Both albums show an appreciation of John Coltrane and Sun Ra, blended with cosmic concepts similar to Flying Lotus's 'Cosmogramma'.

This blend of sounds alongside the personas of the members 'Danalogue' being on keys and 'Betamax' on percussion, makes for a cutting edge expansion into updating Jazz for a new audience, but also expanding the sonic history into new creative horizons. Waste no time diving into the rich sounds on offer, as they are bound to appeal to all listeners.

'Channel the Spirits' and 'Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery' Available Now.

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