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The latest collaborative effort from Sufjan Stevens & Angelo de Augustine is one of 2021's best surprises.

The elegant minimalism of the signature plucked acoustics from Stevens is present in spades. It's the songwriting edge brought by the long-needed contrast from Augustine that is the records best trait. Their pairing creates tranquillity achieved by Stevens on his best releases (‘Carrie and Lowell’ & 'Illinois') and makes for a refreshing break in his catalogue.

‘A Beginners Mind’ is as calming as it is intriguing, as there is an ocean of sincerity behind the gentle surface of the album. From the straightforward ‘Back To Oz’ to the subtle meditations of ‘(This is) The Thing’, the album is a tour of what has made Stevens such a special songwriter over the last two decades.

And in the same breath, we can't wait to hear more from Augustine as this makes for such a promising statement to mark a new phase in his songwriting career.

'A Beginner's Mind' Available in Store Now

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