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The boys have done it again.

Back again with another gem, the Nottingham natives have delivered one of their best releases since 2015’s ‘Key Markets’.

The production is back to the forefront alongside some seriously refined songs that pack punches, politics and a fair amount of wit for good measure. It’s the Mods as we’ve come to know them, just a bit older and a bit better than before.

‘Tilldipper’ is a throwback to the sounds of their ‘Divide and Exit’ days with its rapid bass and vitriolic verses, and the Perry Farrell feature on ‘So Trendy’ is a welcome one as the track shows how the band can balance off-kilter, wonky beats with class and edge.

Single ‘Force 10 From Navarone’ is a high-point for the slicker mixing and beat quality with the signature tones of Florence Shaw adding a lovely contrast to the song. Personal highlight with the primal, stripped-back ‘Tory Kong’ which again harkens to earlier works (Ala ‘Austerity Dogs’) with a beautiful bit of imagery that is equal parts tragic and hilarious.

The Mods show that there’s just no one quite like them, and they continue to be a treasure for British music now 10 years on. And this is a flagship to mark just how far they’ve come and is a testament to their enduring efforts.

‘UK GRIM’ and other picks are available in the Shop now.

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