Black Sun Ensemble | Raga Del Sol | Album

Black Sun Ensemble | Raga Del Sol | Album

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Black Sun Ensemble "Raga Del Sol" (1987)

LP (NEW) - Cool Cult Records, France, 2017, CCR398, 889397893989, First Vinyl Issue

The guitarist/sitarist Jesus Richard Acedo formed the psychedelic rock band Black Sun Ensemble in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, in 1984 with Michael Glidewell on bass and John Brett on minimalist drums and tabla. 60s psychedelia with an eastern tinge was the overriding driving force, but Acedo also drew from desert blues and folk Americana to yield a unique and inspiring musical palette. Their self-titled debut album was pressed in small numbers in 1985 on the obscure self-issued label Pyknotic. Raga Del Sol continues the diverse theme of its predecessor and among the many highlights are the contemplative "Golden Rays" and an alternate reading of signature tune "Dove of the Desert", both featuring Bridget Keating's mournful violin against Acedo's spacey lead lines.

Artist Website: slowburnrecords/black-sun-ensemble

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