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We always talk about the cutting-edge, but it’s rare that a project comes along and mops the floor with everything around it. ‘SCARING THE HOES’ now having been out for over a year, continues to be an incredibly bold release that has held our attention since the first listen.


Concocted by two of the most diabolical minds in music, this is one for the ages as Peggy and Danny deliver track after track of pure mayhem. It’s as if one took the more abrasive electronic elements of ‘Veteran’, but put it over the narcosis of the EDM side of Danny’s 2013 effort ‘Old’. It’s got serious rhythm and pace, but that is never at the expense of the head-spinning production courtesy of Peggy.


Bar-one feature from Redveil, this is a collaborative effort through and through, and their chemistry is one of the many touchstones of why this one just oozes charisma. From the get-go on ‘Lean Beef Patty’, the bar is set high with the machine-gun fire raps. It then breaks straight into ‘Steppa Pig’ and the title track with no room for breath let alone a blink before it continues to deliver punches. 


It’s only 35 minutes, but it packs serious heat. Just hear ‘Fentanyl Tester’ with its infamous ‘Milkshakes’ sample, or our favourite, ‘Jack Harlow Combo Meal’.


This is one of the most original releases of the last decade and a classic in the making. Here we have two legends showing their muscle with over 30 years of experience between them.


What else is there to say? The record speaks for itself in droves and demands listening. Essential.


‘SCARING THE HOES’ is available in the Store now.


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