Bonzo Dog Band | Artist

Bonzo Dog Band | Artist

Tags: Era_1960s, Genre_Comedy, Genre_Pop_Rock, Origin_UK, Type_Artist

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band aka "The Bonzo's" was a British comedy-art-pop band formed 1962 in London by Royal College of Art students Vivian Stanshall and Rodney Slater. Drawing on fellow students and trad-Jazz band players, they formed a core group comprising Stanshall, Slater, Neil Innes, Roger Ruskin Spear, 'Legs' Larry Smith, Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell and Martin Ash (Sam Spoons). Combining elements of music hall, trad jazz and psychedelic pop with surreal humour and avant-garde art, the group came to the public attention through a 1968 ITV comedy show, Do Not Adjust Your Set. They also appeared in The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour TV special, playing Stanshall's song "Death Cab For Cutie". Their debut album Gorilla (1967) was well received and they achieved a Top Five hit single that same year with Neil Innes' "I'm The Urban Spaceman", produced by Paul McCartney under the pseudonym "Apollo C. Vermouth". Their second album The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse (1968) is arguably their best work and it established their lasting reputation. They recorded several more studio albums and their two creative leaders Viv Stanshall and Neil Innes established successful solo careers. Outstanding albums include Gorilla, The Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse, Tadpoles, Keynsham and the excellent compilation Cornology.

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