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Egg | Artist

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Egg was an English progressive rock band formed 1969 in London by Dave Stewart (keyboards), Mont Campbell (bass, vocals), Clive Brooks (drums) and Steve Hillage (guitar, vocals). The four members were initially called Uriel but changed their name to Egg when guitarist Steve Hillage left the band. The trio carried on having signed a deal with Decca's progressive music subsidiary Deram. They released their debut self-titled album in March 1970. While not a commercial success, it was received well enough for the label to finance the recording of a follow-up which was released as The Polite Force in Feb 1971. Now signed to The Groundhogs' management company, Egg finished the year with more live work, but in spite of accumulating enough material for a third album, they were unable to secure another record deal, and split up in July 1972. In 1974 Stewart, who had become a member of Hatfield and the North, got a deal with Virgin to record Egg's unreleased material, which resulted in the third album The Civil Service. In December 2007 a selection of live recordings from 1969-72, entitled The Metronomical Society, was released. Egg are often regarded as part of the Canterbury Scene, based on Stewart's membership of Hatfield and the North and National Health, although the band have no geographical connection to Canterbury. After leaving Egg, Steve Hillage went on to play with Arzachel, Khan, then Gong.

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