Ida | Artist

Ida | Artist

Tags: Era_1990s, Gender_Combo, Genre_Folk, Genre_Indie, Origin_USA, Type_Artist

Ida is an American indie rock band formed 1991 in Brooklyn, New York, by Elizabeth Mitchell (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Littleton (guitar, vocals). The present lineup also includes Karla Schickele (bass, vocals), Ruth Keating (drums) and Jean Cook (violin). They are known for their three-part harmonies; sparse, minimal, often quiet arrangements; and their three singer-songwriters, but there are also experimental aspects to their sound. Their debut album Tales of Brave Ida was critically well received as was their second album I Know You (1996), which was a darling of the independent music press, with descriptions such as “subtle, gentle and picturesque”. For their recordings and performances they often add violinist Ida Pearle, cellist Elaine Ahn, and clarinetist Sue Havens, giving them a distinct and complex “chamber pop” sound. To date the band has released twelve studio albums, the most recent Ida Con Snock being a collaboration with celebrated 60's American folk artist Michael Hurley. Standout albums include Tales of Brave Ida, I Know About You, The Braille Night and Ida Con Snock. Ida’s music has appeared on both the radio show and the Showtime series This American Life.

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