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Link Wray | Link Wray | Album

Tags: Era_1960s, Gender_Male, Genre_Rockabilly, Origin_USA, Type_Album

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Link Wray "Link Wray" (1971)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Future Days Recordings, US, 2018, FDR 633, 0826853063319, Remastered, Gatefold Sleeve

Recorded in a makeshift chicken shack in rural Maryland, Link Wray's 1971 solo album is a compelling and forward-looking piece of honest, handmade Americana. Foregoing his trademark instrumentals, Wray gives us his raw voice, full of spit & vinegar, as he blends elements of country, rock'n'roll, roots, folk & gospel marked with fuzzy guitar and booming percussion. Link Wray proved to be the only album that the guitarist issued in his own name to hit the American charts during his 50-year recording career.

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