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Jean-Louis Bergheaud aka Jean-Louis Murat aka JL Murat aka Murat is a French singer/songwriter born 1952 in Clermont-Ferrand, France. He spent much of his childhood with his grandparents in Murat-le-Quaire from which he got his pseudonym. From his earliest days, Murat showed a gift for music and for many instruments, which led him to the local orchestra at the age of 7, then to the conservatory. With some friends from Clermont-Ferrand, he created a rock band called "Clara" with him as lead singer and songwriter. He also played saxophone and guitar in the band. Composer William Sheller noticed them and invited them to do a couple of his opening acts and then employed them as musicians for a while. The band split and thanks to William Sheller, Murat at the age of 27 in 1981 recorded a 45 rpm entitled "Suicidez-vous, Le Peuple est mort" with Pathé Marconi EMI, however the French radio station Europe-1 censored the song alleging a girl committed suicide because of it. A mini eponymous album followed in 1982, then an album in 1984 called Passions Pivées. Based on low sales, his record label withdrew the contract. He then released several singles on the CBS label which were also unsuccessful. Finally his breakthrough came in 1986 when the artist was given the opportunity to record with the relatively new Virgin records label. In 1988, with Murat now aged 36, his first success came with the single "Si je devais manquer de toi". A new album, 1989's Cheyenne Autumn was recorded in London and included two more hit singles, "L'Ange Déchu" and "Te Garder Près de Moi". This exposure led to Murat appearing in the 1990 film by Jacques Doillon called La vengeance d’une femme with Isabelle Huppert and Béatrice Dalle. His fame then escalated with the 1991 single "Regrets", a duet with Mylène Farmer, which sold more than 300,000 copies. His next studio album Le Manteau de Pluie (1991) also met with great success. Since then, his albums have regularly been into the French Top 20. To-date Murat has released 25 studio albums, standouts include Delores (1998), Mustango (1999), Lillith (2003), Tristan (2008) andLe cours ordinaire des choses (2009). In his personal life, Murat is interested in Buddhism and has become actively involved in the Tibetan cause.

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