Son House | Special Rider Blues (Arch.) | Album-Vinyl

Son House | Special Rider Blues (Arch.) | Album

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Son House "Special Rider Blues - Original 1940-1942 Mississippi Recordings" (2017)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Vinyl Lovers, Europe, 2017, 6785471, 8436544170718, 180g Vinyl, Limited Edition

This archival recording by Son House was selected by Mojo Magazine as one of the best Blues collections ever.
Side 1 track 1 - solo recording by Son House (vocal, guitar) - Recorded in Mississippi early 1940s.
Side 1 tracks 2-7 & Side 2 tracks 1-2 - solo recordings by Son House (vocal, guitar) - Recorded by Alan Lomax in Robbinsonville, Mississippi, July 17, 1942.
Side 2 - Son House (vocal, guitar), Willie Brown (vocal, guitar), Fiddlin' Joe Martin (vocal, mandolin), Leroy Williams (harmonica) - Recorded by Alan Lomax at Klack's Store, Lake cormorant, Mississippi, August 24-31, 1941.
On Side 2 tracks 3-7 there are some light railway noises in the background, as Knack's Store (which had the electricity necessary for the recording) was close to a branch-line between Lake Cormorant and Robbinsonville.

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