Supertramp | Artist

Supertramp | Artist

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Supertramp is an English progressive rock band formed 1969 in London by Roger Hodgson, Rick Davies, Richard Palmer and Robert Millar Though their music was initially categorised as progressive rock, they later incorporated a combination of traditional rock, pop and art rock into their music, which was characterised by the keyboard work of the two principal songwriters Davies and Hodgson. Their debut self-titled album attracted good reviews but no commercial success, and this was followed by the low-key second album Indelibly Stamped. But it all changed for Supertramp with the release of their third album Crime of the Century, which was a worldwide hit, with the singles "Dreamer" and Bloody Well Right". Now on a roll, the band's next three albums: Crisis? What Crisis?, Even in the Quietest Moments and Breakfast in America, became giant sellers in the USA. The band went on to record 11 studio albums and become one of the biggest bands in the world in the '80s-'90s. Outstanding albums include Supertramp, Indelibly Stamped, Crime of the Century, Crisis? What Crisis?, Paris (live), Even in the Quietest Moments and Breakfast in America. Roger Hodgson has also releases some excellent solo works.

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