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If there was ever an example to show that there’s room for artistry in commercial success, ‘Fever’ is a defining moment for both Australian & pop music alike.

Considering Kylie's resurgence on the back of 'Tension', the viral ‘Padam Padam’, commercial disputes with the Kardashians, and other major festival appearances (and cancellations), it’s worth a look back at one of her best albums and one of many commercial peaks, for the legend herself.

'Fever' is loaded with earworms from top to bottom. It’s as if it was engineered to have as much staying power as possible. ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ is as hard to shake as a fever once it’s in your head. It has not gone away despite being in our heads for two decades now. And if that wasn’t enough of a showstopper, there’s ‘More More More’, ‘Love At First Sight’ and ‘Fever’, all within the first leg

Besides the hits though, some incredible B-sides are rarely discussed. We’re big fans of ‘Come Into My World’ which is almost a part two to ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ but loaded with euphemisms right for AC/DC. ‘Love Affair’ sounds like an anthem that never made it to Ibiza, and the grooves on ‘Tightrope’ bring everything to a nice close as it instrumentally feels like it's looping in on itself to continue the never-ending playback of the eternal na-na-na’s.

Kylie has managed to continue to dominate the spotlight decades down the line. This album deserves serious reappraisal, especially in the light of the enduring critical appeal of acts like Dua Lipa and Jessie Ware. ‘Fever’ has it all. Hits, grooves and a superstar of rare calibre are at the centre of it all. This is Kylie in her prime and sounding better than ever.

It’s hardly aged a day 20 years after its release, and it appears it will never leave our heads now.

‘Fever’ and ‘Tension’ are available in the Store now.

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