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The ascension of Car Seat Headrest has become a thing of indie legend. Through Will Toledo's D.I.Y determination to make music, he has broken through into critical success and a solid fanbase.

His low-fi Bandcamp releases gave him the inspiration for the name due to him recording vocals in the backseat of his car, performing to the car seat headrest. These records slowly reveal a songwriter with a clear vision and appreciation for his influences (e.g. Devo, R.E.M). The best of these albums being 'Twin Fantasy' (2011), which has become a crowning achievement with its reimagining in 2018, revealing itself to be exponentially more layered and creative than initially thought.

This preceded his critical breakthrough 'Teens of Denial' (2016), which was the album that won us over. The honest portrayal of a young man just trying to get by with a Springsteen sensibility is as captivating as it is original. Not to forget the brilliance of the band's live performances, with improvisation and covers being abundant alongside an ensemble band who crushes every musical endeavour they attempt.

These two records are the crown jewels of one of the best-established acts of the 2010s. And with no signs of slowing down, and this year's 'Making a Door Less Open' to go, Car Seat Headrest deserve your attention.

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