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At this point, KG&LW has become an unstoppable force within music. The band seem hellbent on becoming one of the greatest bands of all time. 

The band broke through with their vintage brand of psychedelic rock, with 2014's 'I'm In Your Mind Fuzz' being the highlight of the era. Since then, the group has morphed into a beast of their own, with challenging, original concept records coming in fine form through their existence. Every fan has their favourites, some of ours include the eternal 'Nonagon Infinity' (2016), 'Flying Microtonal Banana' (2017) - the year they released five records) and finally their thrash metal rollercoaster, 'Infest the Rats Nest' (2019). This being only the surface of a rich back catalogue, which has lore in itself.

All this brilliance is reinforced with electric live shows and real respect for fans. There is an endless background of facts and history being created within all aspects of the band. One of the highlights being lead singer Stu Mackenzie's desire to learn a new instrument each year until he dies.

With an unrelenting output and creative onslaught from album to album, KG&LW as they stand, serve to be one of the new landmark bands for Australian and Rock music overall. Not listening to them is a disservice to yourself as their output is currently at an unrivalled level, which demands to be heard now.

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